The Developer Is Also Planning A Release Of Their Widely Popular Basketball Franchise, NBA 2k18, On The Nintendo Switch

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WWE 2k18 is on its way to the Nintendo Switch. The release was heavily rumored in June when listings for the game started showing up on retailer websites, but it was never confirmed by 2K Games. We now have confirmation that the newest installment of the popular wresting franchise will land on the on the Nintendo Switch on October 17th alongside the Xbox One and PS4 versions.
Surprisingly, 2K has announced that all the game modes & features available to Xbox One & PS4 players in WWE 2k18 will be available to those playing on the Switch. This includes the MyCareer mode, which this year features a fully revamped story. The developer is also planning a release of their widely popular basketball franchise, NBA 2k18, on the Nintendo Switch. No release date is set yet, but they have confirmed that it will also offer all the same game modes.

It was originally feared that this would not be the case as other developers releasing their games on all three platforms are leaving features off of the Switch versions – one notable example is FIFA 18. Although early hands-on impressions show that the game plays really well, the “My Journey” story-based game mode is only available on PS4 & Xbox.
This announcement is promising for future third-party support of the system. It shows that developers may not need to water down their product to release it on the platform and opens the door to more games making their way over to the Switch. Having been away from WWE games for quite awhile, I look forward to giving this one a go on my Nintendo Switch.

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